About me: Greetings!

Pretend Tea is the title of my book.  I decided that it would be a fabulous book title over 25 years ago, when I was still in my late 20s.  The book has yet to be finished, but I still think it’s a fabulous title and it’s now also the title of my brand new blog.

Pretend Tea used to be a common activity for women my age when we were little girls.  Imagine a tea party with tiny cups and saucers, stuffed animals, and a little girl practicing her future hostess duties.  Imagine her hopes, dreams, and expectations for her future self and her future adult life being played out in her young imagination through tiny empty cups shared with her fluffy friends.  The roles she would eventually play couldn’t have possibly been imagined by her back then but as was the custom, the Pretend Tea flowed freely and she optimistically looked forward to whatever the future would bring and her part in it.

Pretend Tea seems an apt description of what it means to grow up an average female in rural America, and the process of reviewing, reflecting on, and reinventing that life.  Wish me luck!