It was with a heavy heart I watched the results of yesterday’s Primaries.

I’m trying to see the positives in Bernie Sanders having closed the gap in two states to essentially tie, having been predicted to lose both by 20 or more points.  But it just doesn’t seem to be enough.  Mrs. Clinton was declared the winner in all five states yesterday, and being close in two of them doesn’t seem to count for much.

I’ve been thinking about why it bothers me so much.  It bothers me because it’s so negative.  To the core, it’s negative.  I get that Hillary Clinton wants to be President.  It’s obvious that being the first woman President is all she’s ever wanted, and there’s nothing she won’t do to get there.  Her cheap shots at Bernie Sander’s record have been deliberately misleading and untrue, and she is completely aware of that.  It’s obvious that she doesn’t care about fair play or integrity; she just wants to win and apparently thinks that the end justifies the means.

There is a seemingly endless list of shady dealings and scandals involving her.  That she can even be considered a contender for the Presidency while being the subject of several Federal investigations boggles the mind.  Her “Right Wing Conspiracies” argument falls flat and is just a lame justification for serious errors made out of arrogance and blind ambition.  Let’s remember that her many scandals have been the result of her choices, a long list of poor choices in judgment and 100% avoidable.  A good many of the American people surely realize this, as she shows up in poll after poll as extremely untrustworthy and unlikable.

So why then is she winning?  Why don’t African Americans pay attention to the fact that while Bernie Sanders was protesting for Civil Rights and following Dr. King in Washington, Hillary Clinton was a “Goldwater Girl”, campaigning and working for a man who was hardly civil rights friendly?  Why don’t Latinos take personally the fact that she strongly called for the deportation of all those children in Central America in the not so distant past?  Why doesn’t the LGBT community remember how she was a strong proponent of the despicable DOMA, right up until the wind was clearly blowing the other way?  Why don’t the middle class voters make the connection between the loss of Glass Steagall, thanks to Bill Clinton, and the NAFTA signing, also thanks to Bill Clinton, as being directly responsible for the decimation of the middle class?  The disastrous trade agreements that Mrs. Clinton has favored, and the deregulation of the banks and wealthy corporations, are directly responsible for the economic crisis this country and its people are currently facing  and have been dealing with for decades.  The Clintons have a lot of responsibility for that.  She has recently sought and accepted millions of dollars from Wall Street, given speeches to Wall Street corporations for astronomical fees and kept the content of those speeches secret, and accepted huge sums of money from numerous major corporations with powerful lobbyists courting favors.  She says that none of that will affect her judgment as President.  And that makes her a bold faced liar.  She is either lying to the corporations or to the American people because the fact is that one cannot serve two masters who are on opposite ends.  Her very recent conversion embracing many of Bernie Sander’s ideas and talking points is so comically politically motivated as to be spoofed on SNL, where she morphs into Bernie Sanders himself.  Hilarious, if it weren’t so morally bankrupt.

So why is she winning?  What will it take to awaken American voters to start actively looking out for their own best interests?  What will it take for Americans to believe in and seek to live in a society where an absolutely corrupt and rigged financial system gets seriously reformed?  When will people choose to live again in a country that has the guts to rise up against the robber barons of our time and look out for all the human collateral their greed has left behind?  Where is the human compassion and idealism?  For those who believe that Hillary Clinton is going to do anything to help the middle class as President, I can only wonder what you’re basing that on.  I hope you are right, but I’m certainly not counting on it; and logic suggests, neither should you.

Signing off now as I await my “special place in Hell” for not voting for Hillary Clinton as the first woman President.  Hope to see you there….

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